The atmosphere of Indonesian Monozukuri, 2013, which took place on November 14th, 2013 at the Atrium Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

The booth which shows  the collections of the radio belonging to the Panasonic radio since the beginning of production until now on at Indonesia Monozukuri event in  plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

The signing of the MOU by Rachmat Gobel as the President Director of PT. Gobel International (left) and Abdul Sobur as the Founder of Kriya Nusantara (right) at the opening of Indonesia Monozukuri, held in the Atrium Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, November 14th 2013.

Noeman Irvan (left, Adhi Nugraha (second from right) and Rizky A. Zaelani (right) on Talk Show Tjawang Design Radio, Atrium Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, November 15th, 2013