Overview of Indonesian and Indonesian Radio Awards Radio Awards 2013

Indonesian Radio Awards were first held in 2009, with the introduction of two types of awards, namely Jusuf Ronodipuro Award is given to a work of journalism and Ken Sudarto Award for best radio ad. This award is taken from two people who give a great service to the world of radio.

Indonesian Radio Awards in 2010, gave special awards Lifetime Achievement Award to the late Ebet Kadarusman, for the devotion and dedication as a radio host for 50 years both at home and abroad. In the same year Indonesian Radio Awards also give awards for best radio drama work then inaugurated its name to Niki Kosasih Award in 2011.

Every year the Indonesian Radio Awards and continues to add to the list of award categories so that more types of the finest works in Indonesian radio that get more appreciation and radio personality from the wide variety of expertise and skills involved. In organizing Indonesian Radio Awards 2012 added awards Innovative Program that focuses on the convergence of radio and the internet. This category in 2013 changed its name to Radio Cawang Award, named after the first national radio production in 1962 which symbolizes the spirit of creativity, innovation and nationalism. In this year also Indonesian Radio Awards trophy specially designed creations and works of Kriya Nusantara.

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Ebet Kadarusman, Lifetime Achievement Ebet Kadarusman,
2010 IRA radio through the boundaries.

Indonesian Radio Awards 2013

Award Type:
Jusuf Ronodipuro Award, categoy :

1. Mini Feature
2. Program News / Magazines Air

Muhammad Jusuf Ronodipuro, radio journalists who have risked their lives to broadcast information to the people, he became a lifelong disability as a result of custody invaders broke through for the sake of the proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia through a radio broadcast in 1945. He was the first to say, "Once in the air remains in the air."

Ken Sudarto Award, category :

1. TV Commercial
2. Public Service Announcement
3. Promo Program

Kenneth Tjahjadi Sudarto Indonesian pioneer advertising business. Accomplished businessman and the powerful who always thinks of how profit can be useful for people. He also laid the foundations of the radio advertising business and train radios to begin to understand it.

Niki Kosasih Award, category:
Drama Radio

Through his typewriter Niki Kosasih spawned legendary radio drama "Saur Sepuh". The story of this successful Brama-Mantili loved the Indonesian people and the advertiser is able to turn on the drama series and the business world to lift the radio at that time.

Radio Cawang, categories:
Innovative programs

Radio Cawang is a representation of the innovative spirit and creativity. The spirit must be owned radio to continue to withstand the challenges of the times and technological advances and still produce the best work for the community.